I don't understand Harry's bio? do you mind explaining?


- A bearding pic has been released. Louis and Eleanor (with Perrie and Zayn) on a boat. (bonus: look at that man’s face)

- In the meantime Harry has changed his twitter bio.

As icanhazzalou pointed out, gammon is “the rope lashing or iron hardware to attach a mast to a boat or ship.”

- We do know Harry and Louis’ relatonship with nautical themes (Strong, ship and compass, rope and anchor, rose and dagger..)

- So by changing his twitter bio, Harry he’s likely doing at least three things

  • Resuming their nautical copyright. “Nobody puts my nautical ship on a corner”
  • Warning us about the bearding stunt. Once upon a time, there were the lyric tweets. Lately he’s becoming more graphic (This is what happened just a week ago with his twitter pic and Elounor window stunt. So, warning twitter changes: it’s a thing!)
  • As at-your-liberty said, telling us that “He’s looking for something solid, steady, to help steer him and keep him moving forward, not something insubstantial, harmful and ultimately worthless. Something to connect him to what guides him. “

(In other words, the rope that holds his anchor, the compass that guides his ship. Or simply, his home )